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The 7 Main Things that LTA Vehicle Inspection Centres Checks

Things that LTA Inspection Centres look for

Things that LTA Inspection Centres look for


The condition of the chassis frame (core structure) including the engine number, chassis number and number plate which affects the structural integrity of the vehicle, are checked.

Wheel System

The condition and operation of the tyres, suspension unit, shock absorber, wheel bearing, the alignment of the wheels are checked to ensure that vehicle stability is not compromised.

Braking System

The braking efficiency for both service and parking brakes are machine-tested to ensure that they are fully functional and effective.

Steering System

The steering system affects the directional stability of the vehicle. During the inspection, it is checked if there is excessive free play in joints and linkages.


Checks of the body, which includes seat belts, windscreen, door latch and hinges etc, are conducted to ensure that the various items are in working condition.


This comprises headlamps, reflectors, rear view mirror, direction indicators, windscreen wipers and horn etc.

Propulsion System

This consists of the exhaust and drive system. The exhaust system is machine-tested to check the smoke and noise emission levels. The emission levels have to meet the standards stipulated by the National Environment Agency. For the drive system, visual checks are made to ensure that there is no abnormality and that the drive shafts are in a good condition.

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