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Paying Road Tax via GIRO – the advantages

For drivers who are paying road tax through GIRO, or considering  to make that switch, you'll be pleased to know that it will save you time and gives you convenience, because:

One month before the GIRO deduction date, LTA will send a GIRO Payment Schedule to inform you on the GIRO deduction date and the deadline that all pre-requisite(s) must be met (e.g. car insurance and/or vehicle inspection). But remember to maintain sufficient funds in the bank account for the GIRO deduction to avoid any charges that may be imposed by the bank or by LTA for each failed deduction. Should an unsuccessful deduction occur, you'll receive a notice to renew the road tax by other channels (i.e Payment at SingPost, AXS or online).

Please note that the Applicant (policyholder/car owner) and Account Holder (GIRO)  need not be the same person.

The Applicant ID can be Singapore NRIC for Singaporean/Permanent Resident; Malaysian NRIC for Malaysian; Foreign Passport for Foreigner other than Malaysian; ACRA Registration Number for Company / Business; Unique Entity Number for Statutory / Professional Body / Club / Society / Ministry.

The deduction will be reflected as “LTA” in the passbook/bank statement.

Upon approval, this GIRO arrangement will continue to be in effect until the Applicant writes in to notify LTA to terminate it. To terminate, the Applicant has to write to:
VRL Service Operations Division (Road Tax)
Land Transport Authority
10 Sin Ming Drive
Singapore 575701

For enquiries on road tax, please contact LTA at tel: 1800-CALL LTA (1800-2255 582).

For enquiries on vehicle radio licence, please contact MDA at tel: 1800-478 5478.


Road Tax Renewal

Renewing road tax in Singapore is easy

Four convenient ways:

  1. Via Internet (service is available daily from 6am to 12 midnight)
    Click here to access our "Renew Road Tax".
    Requires a valid DBS, UOB or Citibank Internet Banking Account (through eNETS Debit).
  2. Via AXS Stations (service is available daily from 6am to 12 midnight)
  3. Through SingPost and Collection Centres
  4. By GIRO
    Get the application form here.
    If you wish to renew road tax by GIRO, please submit your application for 'Interbank GIRO for Road Tax and/or Radio Licence' to LTA at least 1.5 months before the road tax expiry date.

Road Tax Renewal and Late Payment Fees

All Singapore registered motor cars must have valid road tax (aka vehicle license) at all times. In addition, they must have valid insurance cover when used on the roads.
Please therefore renew your road tax and motor insurance before expiry. You can renew your car insurance here

If the road tax is renewed after its expiry date, a late fee is payable in addition to the road tax. The amount of late fee payable is as follow:

Late Fees Payable

Vehicle Type Engine Capacity Within 1st Month of Expiry Date Between 1 and 2.5 months of Expiry Date More than 2.5 months > 6 months for Motorcycles
> 3 months for Other Vehicles
Cars <= 1,000cc $10 $60 $75 $225
1,001 - 1,600cc $20 $70 $85 $235
1,601 - 2,000cc $30 $80 $95 $245
2,001 - 3,000cc $40 $90 $105 $255
>= 3,001cc $50 $100 $115 $265
Business Service Passenger Vehicles (company cars) N.A. $50 $100 $115 $265
Motorcycle <300cc $10 $30 $45 $125
>=300cc $10 $60 $75 $225
Others $50 $100 $115 $265

For example, if the owner of a car with an engine capacity of less than 1,000 cc renews the road tax at 3.5 months after the road tax expiry date, on top of the road tax payable, he will also have to pay the late fee of $225.

Besides the late fee, the owner of a vehicle is also liable to be prosecuted for the offence of keeping or using the vehicle without a valid road tax under Section 15 of the Road Traffic Act. The offence carries a maximum fine of $2,000 upon conviction in court.

It is also a serious offence for anyone to use or allow the use of a vehicle without a valid motor insurance cover. The penalty for this serious offence is a fine of up to $1,000 or to imprisonment of up to 3 months or to both, and a mandatory disqualification from holding a driving licence for at least 12 months, upon conviction in court.

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