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Guide to No Claim Discount Bonus NCD

When your NCD is 50%, you are usually offered the option of purchasing a NCD Protector from the insurer. For the additional premium, you can reduce or stop your NCD bonus from hitting zero.

E.g. If you don't have any NCD Protector, and you get involved in a car accident, your NCD will drop from 50% to 20% for the first claim. The 2nd claim within the year, will cause your NCD to drop from 20% to zero!

Should you purchase NCD Protector, the following scenario will apply.

No. of claims made or arisen during the period of insurance NCD entitlement on renewal of the policy
One 50%
Two 20%
Three or more Zero

The cost of adding a NCD protector is on average $80 to $100, so ask your insurer or agent to add it in if you are eligible.

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