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Types of General Insurance in Singapore

There are many types of general insurance available in the market. Business and individuals usually implement insurance to protect their office, warehouse, house, etc from damages or public liability. The insurance helps them to manage the risk, and allows them to recover should an unfortunate accident happen. Should you need any form of insurance, email us for a discussion and quote by email here.

Motor Insurance
Motor insurance covers your motor vehicle against loss or damage caused by accidents. It also covers your legal liability for bodily injury or property damage to third parties.

All Risks Insurance
All Risk insurance covers your jewelry, watches, gold and silver articles and other valuables against loss, destruction or damage by accident or misfortune.

Glass Insurance
Glass insurance covers glass in windows, doors, fanlights, showcases, shelves and counter-tops against breakage.

Money Insurance
Money insurance will cover loss or damage to money whilst in transit and by theft from locked drawer, safe or strong room or by hold-up while in your premises.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
Fidelity Guarantee insurance provides cover for loss of money or goods either belonging to employers or for which they are responsible as a result of acts of fraud or dishonesty by an employee.

Goods in Transit Insurance
Goods in Transit insurance covers you against loss of or damage to property caused by fire, theft or accidental means whilst being transported, loaded or unloaded from any road vehicle belonging to or hired by you.

Hospital and Surgical Expenses Insurance
Hospital and Surgical Expenses insurance covers hospital expenses, surgical expenses and emergency accident outpatient expenses incurred as a result of accident, sickness or disease.

Personal Accident Insurance
Personal Accident insurance will cover you for bodily injury or death arising from an accident.

Personal Liability Insurance
Personal Liability insurance covers your legal liability to members of the public arising out of your private and personal activities.

Workmen's Compensation Insurance
Workmen's Compensation insurance provides payment for accidental bodily injury and/or disease sustained by your employees whilst in the course of employment.

Household Building and Contents Insurance
Household Building and Contents insurance covers loss or damage to the building and/or contents arising from an insured peril. For example, a fire, lightning, explosion, flood, bursting of pipes, windstorm, or malicious damage.

Fire Insurance
Fire insurance covers you against loss or damage to property caused by fire or lightning.

Consequential Loss Insurance
Consequential Loss insurance covers you for loss in net profit and fixed charges following interruption of business caused by risks which are insured under a Fire policy.

Theft Insurance
Theft insurance will cover you for any loss or damage incurred to your property and premises by any theft or attempted threat.

Public Liability Insurance
Public Liability insurance covers your legal liability to third parties for accidental bodily injury or loss of or damage to property whilst in the course of business.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance
Machinery Breakdown insurance covers unforeseen and sudden damage to machinery whilst at work or at rest and during cleaning, inspection, overhaul or removal to other position in the workplace.

Machinery and Equipment All Risks Insurance
Machinery and Equipment All Risks insurance covers all risks of accidental physical loss or damage to property including the risk of loading and unloading.

Computer Material Damage Insurance
Computer Material Damage insurance covers accidental loss of or damage to computer hardware and software whilst at work or at rest or while being dismantled for purpose of cleaning or inspection.

Contractors All Risks Insurance
Contractors All Risks insurance covers the loss or damage to contract works and all other materials on site as well as legal liability to third parties arising out of the performance of a contract.

Marine Insurance
Marine insurance covers loss or damage to goods whilst in transit by sea, air or rail.


OAC the Leader in General Insurance

[source: OAC website]

Founded in 1920, Overseas Assurance Corporation (OAC) is the oldest composite insurer in Singapore handling both life and general insurance. Since December 2000 when it became a fully-owned subsidiary of Great Eastern Holdings, its focus has been on strengthening its bancassurance business, with its products distributed through OCBC Bank’s banking network throughout Singapore. It also provides general insurance in Singapore and Malaysia.

The Leader in Bancassurance
Great Eastern was the first insurer – in 1992 – to establish a bancassurance network in Singapore in an exclusive partnership with OCBC Bank. This business was transferred completely to OAC in December 2000. The aggressive strategy to grow this business together with a successful revamp of OAC’s life operations resulted in OAC commanding the lion share of Singapore’s total bancassurance business since 2001. OAC became the first bancassurer in Singapore to cross the $1 billion mark in new bancassurance sales in 2002.

OAC will continue to focus on providing solid customer value and experience by offering needs-based solutions to customers. It will continue to develop new growth opportunities in the bancassurance market, with a focus on delivering the best value and convenience to OCBC Bank customers by offering quality products and customer service.

The Growth in General Insurance Business
OAC distributes a wide range of commercial and personalised general insurance products through brokers, agents, bancassurance and direct channels.

OAC will continue to enhance its level of service standards to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through the effective use of information technology. On 2 February 2005, OAC launched a web-based e-Cargo system to facilitate the electronic submission of marine cargo insurance proposals and the instant on-line issuance of policy contracts. User-friendly and accessible round the clock, this system resulted in greater convenience and ease for our intermediaries and clients.

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