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Authorized, Preferred or Agent Workshops

When you buy motor car insurance in singapore, depending on the insurance (comprehensive) plan, it can allow you to go preferred workshops , agent workshops or only authorized workshops.

Authorized workshops - this are the workshops that the insurance companies specify and you must go their for repairs due to accidental damage. Usually when your car is still under warranty , you can go to "Agent workshop" to do your car repairs. However, do note that certain insurance companies' plan states that all repairs need to be done at authorized workshops , even if your car is under warranty.

Agent workshops are good because they provide original parts for your car. Authorized workshops could use (in many cases) refurnished parts for the repairs. If your car is new and under warranty, you should opt for a comprehensive plan that allows repairs to be done at the agent workshop.

Lastly, for car owners who have their favorite or preferred workshops, they can opt for a better comprehensive plans that allow repairs of accidental damages at any workshop. For this type of comprehensive plan, the premiums are higher, and in many cases, the excess is higher too.

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Can I choose who repairs my vehicle?

Your insurer may impose some restrictions on who can repair your vehicle. As part of an ongoing effort to control claims costs, some insurers use the tender bidding system or authorised workshops in making arrangements for repairs. Cost savings will benefit customers by keeping premiums competitive.

More expensive policies may allow you to go to the repairer or dealership of your choice. Your insurer is encouraged to disclose any restrictions on repairs before you buy the policy.

Dealer workshops
The warranty on new or relatively new vehicles will often state that the vehicle has to be repaired by the dealer or appointed agent of the manufacturer. If this is the case with your vehicle, you should check with the authorised motor dealer, agent or distributor on the terms and conditions of your warranty as repairs by other workshops may affect this.

Authorised workshops
Some insurers limit your choice of repairer to a panel of authorised workshops which does not always include authorised dealerships. Upon completion of repairs, a six-month warranty is usually given.