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Singapore Man Banned from Driving for Life

this kind of  people should be jailed, otherwise its really danagerous and could cause unnecessary deaths to innocent people. If this kind of accident causes your NCB discount to go down, I think it's really "unlucky"

Quoted from Strait Times

A MAN described as a menace to society was put behind bars for four years and banned from driving for life on Monday for a series of traffic offences.

Alphonsus Louis Gerard, 48, who pleaded guilty to 16 charges last Friday, was also fined a total of $39,800.

The self-employed man had been remanded since June after being arrested the fourth time. He committed most of the offences while out on court bail.

Among the charges he admitted to were dangerous driving, three counts of drink driving, and off-peak car offences. Twelve other charges were considered during his sentencing.

He was first arrested on March 6 last year for driving his wife's off-peak car along Tanjong Pagar Road with an invalid supplementary licence, without her consent and insurance coverage.

The court heard that on June 13, the third time he drank and drove, he ignored police officers' orders to stop and drove his car against three officers when he was ordered to stop.

He had reversed his car to avoid a road block on Kreta Ayer Road and drove against the flow of traffic into Neil Road.

A volunteer Special Constabulary sergeant fired a shot at Gerard's car but missed after his life was in danger. Gerard continued to drive his car forward towards the victim at a fast speed despite the sergeant's repeated orders to stop. The VSC jumped onto the road kerb to avoid being run over.

Two Traffic Police mobile patrols then chased after Gerard. Gerard swerved his car towards them and switched lanes, forcing the duo to brake suddenly and slow down to avoid a collision. He was finally arrested along Tanjong Pagar Road due to congestion caused by another road block.

Pressing for a stiff sentence, Deputy Public Prosecutor Peggy Pao Pei Yu, together with DPP Ang Feng Qian, said Gerard posed a grave threat to public safety by using his car as a lethal weapon against three Traffic Police cops on June 13, while on bail for previous offences.

He was also a recalcitrant drink driver as he had been convicted of a similar offence in 1992.

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