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Why and When to send your vehicle for inspection (required by LTA)

LTA Inspection Centres (Illustration)

LTA Inspection Centres (Illustration)

The need for vehicle inspection

Vehicles which are not roadworthy can be a potential hazard to road users including you. Regular inspections help to minimise vehicular breakdown and road accidents. Thus, a vehicle inspection regime is needed to ensure that vehicle owners bring their vehicles for regular checks to maintain the basic level of vehicle health.

Systems of a vehicle to be checked

Vehicle Inspection Frequency

Type Of Vehicle Below 3 years 3 to 10 years >10 years
Motorcycles & Scooters Nil Annually Annually
Motorcars Nil Biennially Annually
Tuition cars Annually Annually Annually
Taxis 6-monthly 6-monthly NA
Omnibuses 6-monthly 6-monthly 6-monthly
All Other Buses Annually Annually 6-monthly
Goods Vehicles Annually Annually 6-monthly
Trailers Annually Annually Annually

You will receive your inspection notice within 3 months before your road tax expires.
Vehicle Inspection Centres

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